No need to say, Italy is the home for the best designs of dinnerware. Choosing an Italian dinnerware set in the midst of hundreds of different brands, designs and materials can pose a herculean task; this can lead to splashing large amount of money unnecessarily. But how do you look beyond the alluring array of best of available Italian dinnerware?


Italian dinnerware sets are usually produced from ceramics sourced from red clay. The reason for this is because red clay is thicker, tougher and is used for wares that are more high temperature resistant and can endure daily usage. After oven baking the clay to earthen wares, they are also dipped into liquid glazes that are free from lead and cadmium in accordance to F.D.A regulations. The most prominent and defining feature of Italian dinner wares are their hand painted characteristics, even after years of technological advancement in ceramics machineries.


Many times, we encounter pitfalls in our search in our search for dinner wares because we don’t define what exactly we want when choosing dinner wares. This leads to confusion when we set our eyes on the enticing and overwhelming displays of imposing designs.

The type of wares ware should be predetermined by envisioning whether the wares are for formal or casual reasons. This will be after evaluating your current stock of wares to avoid restocking on wares you already have. Whether you are getting wares for casual or formal purposes, there are varieties of dinnerware to choose from ranging from earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, vitrified glass and melamine. The choice of the ware will depend on the purpose it will serve.

Also, thinking along a long term basis about your ware needs and how long it will take to change your set of wares will define your choice on durability, quality and ease of maintenance. Most importantly is defining the range of your budget when making a trip to avoid overspending while purchasing, setting scale of preferences too may be of help but don’t forget to follow the heart .


To get the best out of your money, choosing your color schemes based on your room needs will add more aesthetic appeal to the dinning environment. Try adding something different in texture and material yet complementary can also spice up the table. It will also look classic to choose vintage designs for your dinner wares as this will add a special effect to your collection.

To get the best in terms of quality of Italian pottery, you will have to check out the material used in producing the dinnerware. Although earthenware and stoneware are beneficial in their own way, the density of a dinnerware is a strong indicator of its quality.

Researching about Italian dinnerware retailers online gives an insight into what range of dinnerware are available and they help in tailoring the budget. Also, taking advantage of online reviews can help fastrack your purchase by exposing the dealers with the best prices and quality materials.


No matter how much you are carried away by the flamboyance of Italian pottery and it’s dinnerware products, always remember that the goal is to get the best in quality and durability of wares that will satisfy our cutlery yearnings. In the face of this wide display of eye catching wares, planning a budget and a scale of preference cannot be overlooked.

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