How Italian pottery and Italian dinnerware formed?

When the word Italian pottery and Italian dinnerware comes in our mind, it makes a colorful and beautiful picture. Italy has a colorful and beautiful history of pottery and dinnerware. And this tradition is 1100 years back.

Italian pottery and dinnerware formed by mixing clay and water.

1) Clay is formed in a shape to convert into a finished product.

2) After that, there is a drying process.

3) And finally, after the drying process, pieces are fired to have a required hardness.

If you are in Italy, or you are going to shop Italian specialty shops in your home country i.e., the USA and these shops sell basically the Italian pottery and dinnerware in different forms and shapes. They offer endless variety to their customers which are very considerable.

Now first thing which does matter is what your focus is:

> Whether you want to bring Italian pottery and dinnerware for your home

> You want to gift Italian pottery to your loved ones

> You want to make your celebrations better by using Italian handmade and hand painted Italian ceramics.

Hand-painted Dinnerware and Pottery:

Italian artist hand-painted dinnerware and pottery is amazing. Potters are not allowed to make any mistake while painting glazed biscotto because they can’t be erased easily. A new dinnerware design needs many trials before it actually meets the artist’s creative idea. Potters makes a combination of different colors; each color needs its own firing. More explained in this post:

Most popular Italian pottery and dinnerware patterns:

  1. a) Raffaellesco
  2. b) Arabesco
  3. c) Ricco Deruta
  4. d) Geometric Dinnerware patterns
  5. e) Fruit Dinnerware patterns

Tuscan kitchen designs:

The Tuscan region is famous for its designs. The idea behind their decorations is to bring comfort and warmth to your home. The central theme of Tuscan kitchen is to focus on light. They use skylights in the kitchen. If the window of their kitchen is large, they leave it fully uncovered so that more sunlight can pass. They arrange Italian pottery beautifully in a kitchen.


Decorative Italian pottery bowls and ceramic plates are put on the cabinets for decoration purpose. Metallic hanger Pans and pots are used as a wall hanging to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

What are the best varieties of Italian dinnerware?

  • Artistica
  • Gubbio
  • Vietri
  • Deruta
  • Mikasa and Pfaltzgraff


At first, Italian pottery may seem expensive but once you come to know that it’s authentic and original then pricing become understandable. On the other way around if we look at its manufacturing its really delicate and depicts the hard work and beautiful art. So either you display or use it, it’s your investment.

Proper Care:

Italian pottery and dinnerware needs proper care:

  1. a) Avoid them from sudden temperatures changes
  2. b) When you are going to wash them make sure that you are not using any harsh remedy for removing stains.
  3. c) Never put them in a microwave or oven for cooking or reheating purpose.